Choosing between a top-up and a new loan

I have a currently running personal loan which has another 2 years before its fully paid back. I am in need of some more money. I am told that I can get a new Personal loan (my repayment history is good) or even get a top-up from the current bank on the existing loan.

Apart from the rates etc, what other parameters should I keep in mind. Which is better from a credit score perspective.

Any inputs would be helpful. thanks.

What is debit consolidation & do I need it

I have multiple loans on my credit cards, a few personal loans and a home loan too. I was told by someone that I should try & get a loan/debt consolidation done.

Can you pls explain what debt consolidation means and do I need to get a debt consolidation done.

If you can give me a framework it would help. I am not comfortable sharing my loan details here in public.

Will settling/repaying old loans improve my Credit Score

I have a few loans running and on one of them I am being reported as a defaulter. Will settling this loan help me improve my score? Will it be a significant improvement? Should I settle or just ignore, because my track record in other loans is just perfect.

On this loan, there is a dispute and I am not very keen to pay the bank

Old case mutually settled but loans getting rejected

8 yrs ago I had to pay HSBC 1,10,000 in credit card dues. I discussed with the bank and we agrfeed on a settlement plan. Under this plan, I paid 65,000 in a settlement to HSBC. I just got my CIBIL report and noticed that the bank has shown this in a negative way – because of this, I am unable to get a loan now or even get an increase in my credit card limit.

Do I have a way out? What should I have done differently for this to be avoided?