Anmol Jeevan – I Term Plan from LIC

Anmol Jeevan – I from LIC is a pure term plan wherein there are no survival benefits but the sum assured is paid out only in case of death of the insured while the policy is in force.

Eligibility criteria for Anmol Jeevan-I Plan from LIC


Minimum Maximum
Entry Age 18 yrs 55 years
Policy Term 5 yrs 25 years
Sum Assured Rs 5 Lakhs Rs 25 Lakhs
  • Premium Payment mode can be Yearly, semi-annual or single premium
  • Maturity Benefits: Nil
  • Death Benefits: Sum Assured of the Policy
  • Policy cannot acquire Paid-up status
  • No Surrender Value in Anmol Jeevan – I

300 mini branches of LIC inagurated

Finance Minister P Chidambaram today e-inagurated 300 mini branches of LIC. While LIC is already the biggest insurer in the country with more than 70% share of existing and new business, it is still going agressive in terms of expanding its foot print across the country.

This includes not only opening more branches like these 300 mini-branches but also exploiting the new age channels like internet for maximising their reach across all segments of the Indian population.