Bank Credit Card Loyalty Programs in India

Bank Loyalty Programs India
Bank Loyalty Programs India

Most banks in India offer reward points to their customers for staying with the banks and using or availing their products like credit cards, debit cards, loans, trading platform etc. Some of the leading and the best bank/credit card loyalty programs in India are:

  • Axis Bank eDGE Loyalty Rewards Program. The eDGE program is the reward-points program by 3rd largest private sector bank in India – Axis Bank. Given its huge base of customers, the program targets stickiness in the consumer base of the bank both on the credit and debit cards side.
  • PAYBACK Loyalty program that powers ICICI Cards. Payback is India’s largest loyalty program. Initially launched as iMint, the program was acquired by Payback and re-branded. It is a multi-merchant program with anchor brands like MakeMyTrip, Hindustan Petroleum, Vodafone, ICICI Bank.
  • UnionRewardz – The Rewards program from Union Bank of India
  • Anmol Rewardz from Central Bank of India
  • Freedom Rewardz from the State Bank Group
  • EXTRA Points – Pinpoint & HSBC India Loyalty Program
  • HDFC Bank MyRewardz powered by Loylty

eDGE Loyalty Rewards – AXIS Bank

Axis Bank runs a very comprehensive rewards program under the brand – eDGE Loyalty rewards – which is open to its debit card, credit card holders in India and also provides opportunities to savings account customers to earn eDGE points for certain specific transactions. It is one of the leading Bank Loyalty Programs in India.

edge-loyalty Axis bank

How to earn AXIS Bank eDGE Loyalty Points

  • Debit Card Customers can earn eDGE Loyalty points
    • By spending money on your debit card or swiping the card at merchant locations, you can earn
      • 1 point on Titanium Rewards / Prime Plus / Priority / Wealth / Privee Cards – for every Rs 200 spent
      • Earn 5 points on Ladies First Card on Groceries and Apparels – for every Rs 100 spent
    • On First transaction – Earn 75 points one time on Titanium Rewards / Prime Plus / Priority / Ladies First Cards
    • First Online Transaction – Earn 150 points one time on Titanium Rewards / Prime Plus / Priority / Wealth / Privee / Ladies First Cards
  • Axis Bank Credit Card Customers can also earn eDGE points
    • By swiping the credit card you can earn between 1 to 40 points for every Rs 200/- spent. The exact reward point multiple is a function of the card type
    • Opportunity to earn twice the reward points all through-out the birthday month
    • 100 reward points for first online transaction
    • One time opportunity to earn 100 reward points for an Add-on card issuance
  • Axis Bank Savings Bank customers can earn eDGE Points
    • By opening up a new account (100 to 500 points depending upon the account type)
    • 100 points for resgistering for Statement on Email
    • Activation of demat account (100 points)
    • Online bill payment registration and first successful payment (25 points)
    • Using ATM for account-updates (25 to 100 points)

How to redeem Axis Bank eDGE Loyalty Points

Axis Bank has an online interface through which customers can check how many reward points they have earned or burned and the balance. One can start redeeming the reward points with as little as 300 points. While it is tough to say with a high confidence as to what is the value of 1 AXIS Bank EDGE point when redeeming, its approximate value can be judged by looking at the redemption options available. Axis Bank also has a detailed catalogue available on its website for those looking to redeem their eDGE points. Click here to login and view the eDGE Rewards Catalogue.

In case of any further queries or any problems with your eDGE loyalty program, you could talk to the Axis bank Customer Care or login online at the Axis Bank Internet Banking platform.