Bank Credit Card Loyalty Programs in India

Bank Loyalty Programs India
Bank Loyalty Programs India

Most banks in India offer reward points to their customers for staying with the banks and using or availing their products like credit cards, debit cards, loans, trading platform etc. Some of the leading and the best bank/credit card loyalty programs in India are:

  • Axis Bank eDGE Loyalty Rewards Program. The eDGE program is the reward-points program by 3rd largest private sector bank in India – Axis Bank. Given its huge base of customers, the program targets stickiness in the consumer base of the bank both on the credit and debit cards side.
  • PAYBACK Loyalty program that powers ICICI Cards. Payback is India’s largest loyalty program. Initially launched as iMint, the program was acquired by Payback and re-branded. It is a multi-merchant program with anchor brands like MakeMyTrip, Hindustan Petroleum, Vodafone, ICICI Bank.
  • UnionRewardz – The Rewards program from Union Bank of India
  • Anmol Rewardz from Central Bank of India
  • Freedom Rewardz from the State Bank Group
  • EXTRA Points – Pinpoint & HSBC India Loyalty Program
  • HDFC Bank MyRewardz powered by Loylty

Best Credit Cards in India 2015

Best Credit Cards in IndiaIndia has a vibrant array of credit cards in the market from airlines/airmiles credit cards to fuel/petrol cards. While some of the cards are great for shopping, there are others that provide the best rewards or cash-back in the market. At FS Desk, we have compiled the list of best credit cards in India as of 2015. Read on and choose smartly.

Best Credit Cards in India in 2015 by categories

Best Credit Card Issuers in India (2015)

In 2014-15, while some of the large banks have put their open-market credit card sourcing on hold, many new banks are still very aggressive in issuing credit cards. Some of the top issuers of credit cards in India are:

  • ICICI Bank  – Credit Cards from ICICI Bank, Rewards Program on ICICI Bank Cards
  • HDFC Bank – Credit Cards from HDFC Bank
  • American Express – Amex Credit Cards in India
  • AXIS Bank – Credit Cards from AXIS Bank, Rewards on Axis Bank Cards
  • Standard Chartered Bank – Credit Cards from Standard Chartered (StanC) Bank
  • HSBC Bank – Credit Cards from HSBC Bank India
  • Citibank India – Credit Cards from Citibank India
  • IndusInd Bank – Credit Cards from IndusInd Bank
  • RBL Bank – Ratnakar bank which was later re-branded as RBL bank, took over the credit cards portfolio of RBS Bank. Which in turn was the acquired base of ABN Amro Bank. Credit Cards from RBL Bank(Ratnakar Bank)

Check the updated list of top Credit cards in India in 2016

Culinary Treats – ICICI Bank

Culinary Treats is ICICI Bank’s dining program which has aggregated more than 800 restaurants across which ICICI Debit and Credit card holders can earn discounts in excess of 15%. With a diverse geographic spread the Culinary treats program is available in Punjab, Maharastra, Andhra Pradesh and many other locations.

ICICI Bank Culinary Treats

Culinary treats program from ICICI Bank is available on a dedicated portal at . Apart from the list of participating restaurants, it also has recipes, a voting section and much more. The portal has a section under “Culinary Corner” which allows the user to search, filter and sort the partner restaurants by location, cuisines, popularity and the offers. The blog has dedicated sections for recipes, food for thought and other hot tips.

The bank has also launched a mobile application – Culinary Treats app – for on the go search of available restaurants and to view recipes etc.

Eligibility for Culinary treats Offers

Some of the ICICI Bank cards on which one can enjoy the Culinary treats program are listed here:

Like most other banks’ dining program, Culinary Treats also promises a nominal 15% off for its diners. Other banks which have an extensive dining program include Axis Bank (dining delights), Citibank India, American Express.